Pan Head Self-Drilling Screw

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The self-drilling’s point design combines two main functions: drilling and tapping.

This screw design could apply on the steel roof construction mostly. Our self-drilling screws requires high speed drilling test performance, this requirement ensures our screw's point and thread could drill in the steel more efficiency at short time.


The screws are available in International Standards: DIN; ISO; AS 3566; ANSI; JIS; BS.

Available Material Grades: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Available Surface Treatments: Ruspert ; Cr6+ ; Cr3 ; Black Phosphate  


Specification :

  • Head Type : Pan Head
  • Recess Type : Philip Recess  
  • For light duty purpose
  • Self Drilling Screw
  • Point type : Point No. 3
  • Rainbow plating

Available size : 

#10x13 mm  

Or more

Packed quantity in the bucket: 

  • Small box ; 500 pcs in a box